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Schools for Gifted in the Netherlands
Information on 2010
In Dutch system:
1. Leonardo classes in regular Dutch schools
Only for kids with IQ 130+, about 16-18 kids per class (usually groups 3+4, 5+6 and 7+8), every child has an individual plan for every subject, chess lessons, computer lessons (Power Point for group 4, Excel for group 5), English from group 3, additional foreign language (usually Spanish) from group 3-4, possible “pre-gymnasium” during last 1-2 years.
There are only few Leonardo colleges; some of them propose only to study all of the subjects, but not to go faster than “normally”. My sons study at that school.
2. PLUS-class in regular schools. Usually 1-2 times a week (sometimes 1ce a month – depends on the school). The children (2-5) do what we call “artwork” – glue houses.
3. It is possible at the regular Dutch school to skip several classes. In that case when a child is run out of the materials before the end of school, he still can’t go to High School till he is 11 y.o.
International schools

American School in Wassenaar
said they do not have a Special program for gifted and talented kids, but they have “differentiation” if they see that a child could do more – they do not hesitate to give him work of higher group, but he stay at the same class as before, only 1-2 times a week he goes to special class(es). A child could receive High School work if he is in Primary school and he could receive University materials he is in High school.
British Schools
and International Schools
Have 3 levels for every group – “easy, standard, advanced”. It is not possible to have High School work in Primary School or University work in High school. I am not sure if a work from group 6 could be provided for a brilliant student from group 5.


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